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Nu börjar det hända grejer...

Det är Dominik Bogdziul som har skrivit på för OIK.


1. Hi Dominik and welcome to Olofströms IK
Hello thank you so much!

2. Who is Dominik Bogdziul ?
I’m from Vilnius Lithuania, played 4 years junior hockey in USA 

3. This Will be your first year in Senior hockey. What do you think Will be the biggest different between Junior and Senior hockey?
I think that big difference is speed and physicality in the game, you have to make really quick decisions.

4. What makes you a good player? (your strength) 
I would say that it’s my passing and thinking on the ice seeing the partners on the ice.

5. What is your expectations for this upcoming season? Your self and for the team?
I always set up high standards for the season my personal goal for this season is to get stronger and compete against experienced players, and for the team Is that to promote to Division 1

6. Do you have anything to say to the fans?
I would like to say come to the rink and support us and we gonna do our best out there to make you happy Tack!!!

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